Ophelia Moreau

The Enchantress


Once Upon a Time...

There was a beautiful enchantress; exquisite in the arts of seduction.  Her gift was to give pleasure to those under her spell.  One which leaves her subjects alight with carnal and cranial desires.  A trace of her left on your tongue.  Indulge in her warmth.


And there she was...

A lover, explorer, and cultivator of all things sensual and curious.
Let me ease and excite you - fulfilling your cerebral and carnal desires.  Let me please you.
I see the beauty in you, myself, our eyes exchanging smiles  - affirming each other.
As a conversationalist and scholar, you'll enjoy my beauty as well as intrigue.
I live boldly and authentically - get lost in my full bush and soft armpit tufts.

*I am away and unavailable August 22nd-September 5th! I'll see you when I return!*